The Cebu Port System

The Cebu Port System is composed of the Cebu Baseport and its subports which are strategically located in different points of Cebu. The Cebu Baseport is composed of the Cebu International Port and the Baseport - Domestic Zone. There are five subports within the jurisdiction of Cebu Port Authority, namely: Mandaue, Danao, Sta. Fe, Toledo and Argao. Each of the subports are smaller ports that are essential to the flow of domestic inter-island commerce.

To take a look at the profiles of each of the port facilities under the Port System, click on the links below.


* Cebu International Port (CIP)

* Cebu Baseport - Domestic Zone


A. Mandaue Subport

Port of Punta Engaño

Port of Sta. Rosa

B. Danao Subport

Port of Danao

Port of Poro, Camotes

Port of Sogod

C. Sta. Fe Subport

Port of Sta. Fe

Port of Hagnaya

D. Toledo Subport

Port of Toledo

Port of Tangil, Dumanjug

E. Argao Subport

Port of Taloot, Argao

Port of Oslob

Port of Samboan