Corporate Social Responsibility

CPA's 2022 Year-End Accomplishment Report as submitted to the Department of Transportation:  Please click here.

Employment Generation Program


●      Posted nineteen (19) vacant positions as follows, two (2) Civil Security Officers, seven (7) Division Manager, one (1) Fiscal Examiner, one (1) Ind’l Relations         Mgmt. Officer, one (1) Internal Control Officer, three (3) Senior Cashiers, and four (4) Sr. Terminal Operations Officer.


●      The hiring process took it’s course considering that there was a change in administration last July 2022. 


●      As a result of the change in administration, the filling up of these vacancies were extended until the end of the year, appointments were issued January 1, 2023.


Poverty Alleviation


●      Distribution of “Malasakit Help Kits” in the Baseport and Outport Passenger Terminals during the “Oplan Biyaheng Maayos” Holy Week, Undas and Pasko of       2022.   Port Passenger Terminals all over the province of Cebu prepared “Malasakit Help Kits” to the passengers, with a light snack, sweet treats, face towels,     water to give ease and comfort during their travel.

Gender and Development


●    Attended a total of three (3) Inter-Agency Council (IAC) on Human Trafficking Region VII.


●   Production and distribution of 100 VAWC Response Kits to women passengers at CPA Passenger Terminals and posting of streamers and posters in CPA social media pages.


●  Conduct of Women’s Month Photo Booth Contest in all CPA Offices and Passenger Terminal buildings, Conduct of Health and Wellness Day, Printing and distribution of Women’s month T-shirts and chocolates as treats to CPA women employees on World Women’s Day, in support to the government’s call to eliminate single-use plastics, CPA distributed Aqua flasks (reusable bottled water) to all CPA employees.


●    Conduct of VAWC On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest and Distribution of VAWC shirts to CPA Employees.

●    Consultation meeting for the Finalization of the DOTr Sex Disaggregated Data  Instrument and Drafting of the DOTr SDD Toolkit last October 05 to 07, 2022.


●    Drafted Mainstreaming Policy (GAD Framework) which was drafted last May 31, 2022 and adopted for CY 2022.

●    Conducted GAD Orientation Training last May 30-June 1, 2022 attended by Division Manager and Staff and GAD Focal Persons System (GFPS)

●    GFPS attended the Harmonized GAD Guidelines (HAGADAGA), purchased gym equipments as part of the alleviation of the sport facility. 

   Was able to conduct three (3) meetings for CY 2022 in relation to the GAD plans and attended the formulation of Checklist for GAD Facilities for the Maritime Sector for 2022 and 2023.

Trainings and Development Programs

 ●    Personnel Development Plan

 ●    Summary of Trainings 2022

 ●    Master list of Trainings Master List of Seminar

Local and Foreign Engagement

          We were able to engage only to Local to Seminar/Trainings for CY 2023, below is the list with the corresponding titles:

           ●    Workplace Incident/Accident Investigation Training ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) Implementation and                      Internal Auditor Training Course

           ●    2022 Central Visayas Human Resource Management Practitioner’s (HRMPs) Congress

           ●    Construction Occupational Safety and Health Course (COSHC)

           ●    Paralegal Training/Seminar on Wildlife Enforcement and Deputation of Wildlife Enforcement Officers

           ●    Gender and Development Training

           ●    Three (3) Day Training on Chemicals and Hazardous Waste Management and Emergency Preparedness & Response    

           ●    International Seaport Interdiction Training (ISIT)

           ●    ISIT Training the Trainor Workshop (T3W)

           ●    Basic Fire Safety and Drill Seminar 

           ●    Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) Team

           ●    Basic Fire Safety and Drill Seminar

           ●    Capacity Development Activity on Gender and Development (GAD)

           ●    43 Annual National Convention & Webinar (ANCW) 

           ●     2022 PICE Midyear National Convention and Technical Conference

           ●     Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System Training Workshop

           ●     Supervisory Development Course (SDC) Track 1-First Batch

           ●     Certified Counter Terrorism Specialist (CCTS) Course (Class 11-2022, “Nighthawk”

           ●     2nd Quarter Marksmanship Training

           ●     Wasar Search and Rescue (WASAR) Training

           ●     Supervisory Development Course (SDC) Track 1-Second Batch

           ●     Essentials of Project Management Seminar-Workshop

           ●     6-Day Public Service Continuity Planning Training Course

           ●    40-Hour Occupational Safety Health Course Safety Officer 2 (BOSCH SO2-Certification) Seminar

           ●    13th Annual National Convention (ANC) of the Government Financial Management Innovators Circle (GFMIC)

           ●     Phil. Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Disaster Risk Management Program (PDRMP) Seminal-Workshop Training of Volunteer-Reponders

           ●     Ship Waste Management Seminar

           ●     Data Privacy Act Compliance Training

           ●     ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Awareness Workshop

           ●     Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Workshop

           ●     Association of the Government Accountants of the Philippine (AGAP)’s Annual Convention

           ●     Strategic and Operations Planning 

           ●     5’S Workshop Workplace Organization Workshop

           ●     Workshop for Tourism Frontliners of the Port of Cebu

           ●     Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) in Ports

           ●     Public Sector Unionism Seminar

           ●     Explosive Ordinance and Reconnaissance Agent (EORA) Training

           ●     Industrial Ventilation Training Workshop

           ●     Objective and Risk Management Workshop

           ●     Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers 12th National Convention and Technical Conference

           ●     3rd Quarter Marksmanship Training

           ●     Chemical Waste Handling Orientation

           ●     Finalization of the DOTr Sex Disaggregated Data Instrument and Drafting of the DOTr SSD Toollkit

           ●     Lecture on Lawful Arrest and Prosecution

           ●     Workshop on the FSA-P and ENV-P Study on Domestic Passenger Ships

           ●     Capacity Building Activity for the Port Facility Operator

           ●    One Cebu-Inter Agency Interdiction Task Force

           ●     26th Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ) and 2nd Philippine Statistics Authority Quiz (PSA)